About Us

Lake Farm Park Academy is a school built for the 21st century. Built in 2014; it provides an exciting, stimulating and rewarding education for 90 children in each year group as well as those children who are placed in our specialist Autistic Unit. We are currently growing every year, and when full in 2020, we will be home to over 630 children, as well as a vibrant and bustling Nursery.

Situated in the wonderful Lake Farm Country Park, Hayes, West London; the school offers a first-class education for our children and families. We have over 60 acres of green space on our doorstep which enables us to embrace outdoor learning at its best. Our newly designed curriculum aims to excite and engage every learner, helping them to be the very best they can be whilst creating lifelong learners. We want our children to enjoy every educational experience they have whilst becoming the citizens of the future. We are fortunate enough to be a part of a richly diverse community, and we value and celebrate this in many ways. We instil positive values and confidence in all our children and ensure they are equipped with the skills, values and knowledge they need for their futures. Our staff work tirelessly to deliver the best they can; day in, day out. Our expectations are high and we strive for excellence in all that we do.

At the heart of everything is our relationship with our families. We are building, and will continue to build long lasting relationships with every family that passes through our doors – for together we share the responsibility to mould the next generation. 

Lake Farm may be little, but we dream big.

I hope that as soon as you enter Lake Farm Park Academy you will agree that we are a very special school. I look forward to welcoming you through our doors soon.

Kate Day